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What is Excuse My Fresh

Excuse My Fresh is a dedication to all things aesthetically pleasing. Here the praise for the curves of an Italian automobile equals that of Rihanna, because beauty is everywhere. The fragmentation of the internet is distracting, in order to find information on the subjects one enjoys they have to visit a dozen different sites. Excuse My Fresh eliminates endless net surfing, this is the premier destination for everything Ill.

IG Post
IG Post

The concept for Excuse My Fresh is to remove the filler. The staff ignores the number of followers, the hype, and the connections to focus on the substance. Popular, new, and unknown brands receive equal amounts of attention. While ensuring our readers get all the information they need and everything they don’t. But why the fixation on Fresh? Because it encompasses everything we strive for. Fresh is confident, unapologetic, and intelligent. Fresh is a Jay-Z bar, a Kim Jones fashion show, a Lil Duval tweet; it is you. Welcome home.

Fresh is the ability to seize the moment yet maintain an Ill Aesthetic at all times.