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Welcome to Excuse My Fresh, the home of The Ill Aesthetic. This is a dedication to style, technology, and culture with a healthy dose of disrespect. Today honest opinions are under attack, likes support bad ideas, and those with the least amount of talent find praise; not here. Excuse My Fresh will always "separate the platinum from the white gold

Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello shows his playful side with the release of 'The Winter Game' capsule collection. The Parisian fashion house sports-inspired collection is the newest exclusive for Riva Droite. Curated by Vaccarello, Riva Droite features exclusive items that are impeccably designed, highly functional, and quintessentially Saint Laurent.

Hotels are tools to recharge, to give weary travelers a break from the road, or to indulge in forbidden fruit. If this is what defines a hotel, someone needs to tell citizenM. The stylish Netherlands-based chain embraces a whimsical millennial flair, and discards the trappings of traditional hotels. The citizenM philosophy is ‘affordable luxury for the people’. They offer guests all the amenities of a high-end hotel in a prime location, without the eye-watering prices.