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Valuchi Perpetual Calendar | Review

“A nice watch is a nice watch,” stated my barber who owns an envy-inducing collection. Those words simply mean a quality timepiece always speaks for itself. Craftsmanship trumps the name on the dial, the celebrities who flaunt them, or their hype induced pricing. The recent emergence of a new generation of watch lovers has birthed many new brands. These companies have ambitions to become the next big thing. One such newcomer is the Amsterdam based, Milan inspired Valuchi. This brand has created the Valuchi Perpetual Calendar, but is it a ‘nice watch’?

Valuchi Perpetual Calendar unboxed

Who is Valuchi?

Founded in 2018 Valuchi is the brainchild of lifelong watch enthusiast Kelvin Dijkhuizen. Kelvin used inspiration from his hometown of Amsterdam combined with the beauty of Milan to craft a high-end watch at an affordable price point. In order to keep prices down Valuchi avoided conventional funding and went straight to the people they wished to serve. In April 2020 using Indiegogo Valuchi met their funding goal in 36 hours. After numerous designs, countless samples, and sleepless nights the Valuchi Perpetual Calendar was born.

What is A Perpetual Calendar

The perpetual calendar represents the highest standards of watchmaking. Its complexity is what sets it apart from other calendar watches. Created in 1762 by English horologist Thomas Mudge, the perpetual calendar took over two centuries before Patek Phillipe put the complication into a wristwatch. Whereas annual calendar watches simply measure the date, perpetual calendar watches are able to display the correct date, day, month, and moon phase in perpetuity.

Valuchi Presntation Box

The Review

Everyone loves a good story; man loves watches, creates watch, and lives happily ever after. Will the Valuchi story be a blockbuster? Let’s get into the review.


The Valuchi Perpetual Calendar packaging is a simple yet elegant black presentation box. Silver embossing on the top and inside of the lid shows the company name in a commanding capital font. Securing the lid in position are two magnets. The box is sturdy; the deep embossing, weight, and the snap of the magnets give a quality first impression.


A beautiful Silver Ice sunburst dial greets you when you open the box. Four fully functional sub dials adorn the face; day, date, month, and moon phase. Atop the dial are navy blue hands, when hit by the right light they have a crystal type of effect. The same navy crystal style material as the hands are present on the time indices. The dial is very impressive with a stunning color combination, attention to detail, and functionality.


When removed from its packaging the quality of the watch is immediately apparent. The construction of the case and bracelet is industry standard 316L stainless steel. The material gives the watch a ‘Goldilocks’ weight; not too heavy, not too light, but just right. Valuchi has adorned the bracelet, case, and top of the bezel with a brushed finish. Finally, in an artistic flourish the sides of the bezel have a mirror polish.


Wearing this masterpiece by Valuchi is a joy. The 40 mm case size accompanied by its 10.8 mm thickness is the perfect combination. The band consists of solid links that start at 26 mm and taper to a comfortable 18 mm at the clasp. The watch sits flat on the wrist, allows full range of motion, and the bracelet fits snugly. In addition, the polished clasp opens easily and closes with a reassuring click.


The initial beauty of The Valuchi Perpetual Calendar camouflages a functional flaw, dial legibility. The font used on the sub dials is too small. One should be able to gleam any information on a watch from a simple glance, that is not true with Valuchi’s signature model. When looking at the dial I found myself squinting my eyes and pulling the watch within inches of my face to see the date. A possible fix would have been to count by twos, increase the font size, and use dots for the other numbers. As presently constructed the date sub dial teeters on the edge of uselessness.


Buying watches online from new brands is a tricky proposition, luckily Valuchi exceeds expectations. The fit and finish is comparable to more established brands that cost much more. The Silver Ice colorway is stunning, the dial pops from every angle, and the bracelet is very comfortable. The automatic movement is smooth with a mesmerizing sweeping second hand, functional sub dials, and a refreshing attention to detail (the sun on the moon phase has a smiley face). The Valuchi Perpetual Calendar is a great introduction to the emerging brand. In spite of the legibility issues of the date sub dial I can easily recommend this timepiece. In summary, The Valuchi Perpetual Calendar is a nice watch.

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  • Grace

    I truly enjoyed this review and I’m in full agreement that this is a “nice watch.” The attention to detail from the creator speaks volumes to the love he has for the product. Gone is the need to rely on the modern day cell phone to give you the correct date, day, month, and if you’re feeling spicy even the moon phase as an extra layer to an already visually complex and beautiful experience. You can tell that the creator values traditional influences and wants to capture your attention as seen in the videos posted, which brought whole review to life. Thank you for this thorough introduction to a beautifully packaged and affordable show stopper. I can truthfully say that after reading this review, I will certainty be adding this gift option to my list!


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